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TENANTS – This may be helpful to you

Depending on if the rental property is already vacant will depend on how we can market and advertise the property.

If the property is already empty then one of our team will visit the property, obtain marketing photos and produce a 3d virtual tour. These are then used in all the methods of advertising that we have opted to use.

If the property is occupied, then we will endeavour to obtain new marketing photos, this is not always possible due to complications with access as well as if the existing tenant is in the process of moving out and if the property is cluttered with removal boxes etc. We will always try our best to promote rental properties as fully as we can.

Landlords can keep track of all viewings and all feedback from viewings via their online account.

Viewers can also keep track of all viewings that they have booked via their own online account.

We market properties at a fair and competitive rent, we actively discourage ‘offers’ on rental properties. We keep landlords updated and advise landlords during this process if we feel that any works are needed at the rental property before a tenant is able to move in

We also advise viewers that if there is anything they feel needs doing to the rental property, that they make this view clear before they apply for the property. Rental properties are let ‘as seen’, so requests for decorating, flooring, additional cleaning must be made before a tenant decides to proceed with an application for the property, and definitely before a tenant pays over a holding deposit.

Things that tenants should consider when looking for a new home could include:

Location – is the property near to public transport/ train station. Is the property commutable to your place of work or your children’s school? Is the property on a busy road and if it is will street noise bother you? Visit the area at different times, do you feel safe? Is it noisy?

Parking – if this is important to you then find out the parking situation! Some blocks of flats are permit holders only, you may not be guaranteed a parking space, so do not assume. If the parking is ‘on street’ are there enough spaces for the number of cars in the street? You may need to view the property at different times of the day to determine this? Are you eligible for  a residents parking permit? If you are, how much will it cost and where will your visitors park? If you see a parking space outside of the property never assume it belongs to the property you are viewing. Get confirmation of this.

Size – Take a good look at each room, can you fit all of your belongings in? You may be viewing when the property is occupied by the outgoing tenant, they may have really fancy / modern furniture that makes the property look amazing, imagine your own furniture in place and determine if the size and style will look how you want it to. Think about who will be living at the property and make sure the property is large enough, also think about if you want or need outside space. Take a good look at the kitchen are there enough unit’s or work top space? If you want a dishwasher, washing machine, tumble drier etc will all of these appliances fit? Is there plumbing and space for all the appliances you want to use? Make sure you clarify what is being left behind – lots of appliances may belong to the tenant, so you may need to budget to buy your own. Never assume that something is included in the rental

Budget – Work out what you can afford, then stick to this. Its so very tempting to ‘just go and look at’ something that is over your budget. If you do this and then fall in love with the property you will over commit financially and then struggle for the next 12 months. Make sure you can afford to pay your rent and bills and have money left for any luxuries that are part of your lifestyle. If this is the first time renting then do not be tempted to underestimate how much you will be spending on food and bills each month.

Heating – Look at the sort of heating the property has. Is it all electric? Does it have gas central heating? Is it under floor heating? Also look at the windows, are they double glazed? Then think about if you will be comfortable living in this property. If the property is still occupied when you view and it is winter, then take a moment to feel how warm it is. Landlords do have a duty to ensure a property is adequately heated, but if you are a person who really feels the cold then please do give this some extra consideration.

If you decide to proceed with a property then you will enter into a legally binding contract, which is not easy to get out of and would be very costly if you ‘changed your mind’ or subsequently decide moving into this property was a mistake. It is a very big decision, so make sure you have given this the right amount of thought.