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Rent guarantee is a product we are able to offer via the referencing agency we use to give landlords extra protection against non-payments of rent. If a tenant does not pay the rent, and the landlord has a rent guarantee policy in place, the insurers will contact the tenants, if the tenants continue not to pay, then the insurers will make the rental payments, and, if necessary, will then start eviction proceedings to regain possession of your property.

If the tenant isn’t paying the rent and must be evited, the insurers will take care of the entire process. They will also cover the full rent (no excess), so a landlord will not suffer a loss because of this. It is important to note however, that insurers pay rent in arrears, and tenants pay in advance, so landlords must expect to receive the payments at different times if the insurers are making the payments.

The policy doesn't just cover landlords for non payments of rent. It also covers landlords for any tenancy breach (subject to terms and conditions), so if, for example, the tenant fails to vacate after the serving of a Section 21 Notice, or is in breach of tenancy under a  ground within a Section 8 Notice, then the insurers will also take over this claim for you.

If landlords have a policy with a provider that isn’t via us then please check the policy terms and know exactly what you are covered for and how and when you need to make a claim. We are frequently made aware that landlords, who thought they had comprehensive cover with an outside provider, have had their claims denied. Please also be aware that submitting an insurance claim is an enormous amount of work, we carry out this work for landlords who have rent guarantee with us, we do not carry out this work if you do not, therefore if you have rent guarantee with an alternative provider, please make sure you know the claims process, if you require our help in providing documents and evidence then we do make a charge for this of £125.00 Plus VAT (we do not attend court for you)

We offer the rent guarantee policy at a hugely discounted rate for the first term of each tenancy, and then at a competitive rate for the remaining time a tenant remains in a rental property.

** If you do not have  rent guarantee, and your tenant does not pay his rent, its important to realise that it will take many months for you to gain possession of your property through the courts. The loss to you financially will be several £1000.00 in rent plus the court costs, not to mention the stress that this will all cause and the amount of your personal time this will take up.


Debbie Jones FARLA Cert CIH 08/03/24